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Full Student
Insurance Cover

Only £2 Per Month

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About Us
Martial Arts Alliance offers a wide variety of student and instructor-related services to guarantee the very highest standards of education in all styles of martial arts practice.

We welcome any martial arts club looking to improve their overall student experience through better teaching, assessment, and insurance cover, with the reassurance that help and support are available whenever needed.


About Us

Student Insurance
Every student who trains under Martial Arts Alliance is fully insured for added reassurance and peace of mind.

Full Student Insurance Cover is pay monthly, cancel anytime, and still only £2 per student.


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Health & Safety
Martial Arts Alliance offers a range of Instructor support packages including instructor insurance, health & safety training, risk assessment, child protection certification, club fire safety regulation, and first aid training, so students, parents and spectators can rest assured that all classes are run to the very highest standards of safety and security.

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Health & Safety
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Our  Advanced Instructor Training Programme is one of the most comprehenive in Europe, so instructors can offer the highest standards of leadership, education, and grading success. 

All Martial Arts Alliance Instructors are fully qualified, insured, DBS certified, and first aid trained for professional quality assurance.

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All coloured belt and black belt gradings are National Rank Certified (NRC) to full UK standards, so every member can learn, grow, and master martial arts regardless of age or ability.

Martial Arts Alliance also 
implements, monitors, supports, and regulates all syllabus building, teaching methods, and management systems to guarantee the very best student experience.


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Whether you are a new or experienced instructor, existing student member, or a potential new member, we would love to hear from you.


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